Priest urges Christians to openly discuss family planning matters in church


A clergyman in Kalulushi has called on Zambians not to shun mentioning family planning matters in churches.

Priest Father Sam Ogolo of the Anglican Church said the church should act as a light for the community when dealing with issues that affect the family and if it fails to lead in advocating for the promotion of family planning matters then the Church is not playing its role.

Fr. Ogolo told ZANIS in an interview in Kalulushi in today that with regard to family planning, the Church should sensitize members especially men fellowships and youth groups.

He said religious leaders should inform people on the benefits of family planning so that they become knowledgeable of what is required of them to run their families effectively and contribute to the welfare of the community which is the core function of the family.

Fr. Ogolo stated that it is not in the rightful mind for a parent to fail to plan for one’s family and more-so to fail to look after it as that is not a Christian moral.

“If you cannot provide for the members of your family then you are regarded as none believer, you should be able to provide for the family,” said Fr. Ogolo.