Chief Singani bemoans low levels of awareness on HIV/AIDS

choma World AIDS Day
choma World AIDS Day

Chief Singani of the Tonga speaking people in Choma district has bemoaned the low awareness levels on HIV/AIDS among people particularly in rural areas where communities have minimal access to information.

The traditional leader has since called on various stakeholders to champion the spread of accurate information on HIV/ AIDS among the rural community.

He said it was important for stakeholders to collectively put their efforts and continue helping government raise awareness on HIV.

Speaking in an interview in Choma, in commemoration of the World AIDS Day, Chief Singani said the majority of people in remote areas lacked appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness information.

He said that the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in rural areas were attributed to the inadequate sensitization awareness campaigns on the pandemic.

“We need more stakeholders to come on board and disseminate more information for people to make informed decisions,” he said.

He said although government was making tremendous efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS, it was important for the people of Zambia to also join forces and share knowledge and practices in the fight against scourge.

Chief Singani also noted that cases of early marriages and defilement had greatly contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS thereby making children become more vulnerable.

The traditional leader urged Zambians to unanimously denounce such immoral vices saying they have the potential to reverse the on-going developmental gains delivered by government countrywide.

He implored the headmen and subjects in his chiefdom to explore tangible initiatives aimed at contributing significantly to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the area and the nation at large.

He warned that he would not tolerate parents marrying off their children illegally for the sake of earning income at the expense of good educational policies being provided by government.