Anthrax Breaks out in Western Province

Home Sweet Home in Mongu

Anthrax has broken out in three districts in Western Province with one human death recorded so far.

The district reported to be affected include, Lunmulunga with three (3) cases, Senanga 5 where one (1) person has since died  and Kaoma with the highest cases of 10, these case have all been recorded within this month.
The outbreak was brought to light by the Provincial Health office representative during an emergency epidemic preparedness meeting in Mongu today.
Speaking at the same meeting Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE)’s Induna Inete (Akapelwa Silumbu) called for serious and quick interventions towards the outbreak.
Induna Inete said the outbreak of the epidemic requires government to send vaccines for animals to be vaccinated as way of controlling and halting further outbreak of the disease in both human and animals.
He stressed that people of Western Province depended mostly on livestock for their survival hence quick response to the outbreak cannot be over emphasized.
Meanwhile, Mongu District Medical Officer Dr. Francis Liwyalii feared that there could be more people and animals affected with the epidemic in the District and Province as a whole.
Dr. Liwyalii explained that this was because the number of people who have been diagnosed with the epidemic this month was very alarming.
He said if the situation worsens recommendation to ban the selling of meat and cattle movement within the province would be advised to be considered.
The Doctor also said people in affected areas were reportedly consuming and selling meat from diseased animals there by putting more people at risk.
And his closing remarks, Provincial Assistant Secretary Richard Mulwanda said government is committed to ensuring that epidemic such as Anthrax are eradicated within a shortest period possible.
Mr. Mulwanda said prevention measures both and District and Provincial levels were being put in place to stop the further outbreak of the anthrax epidemic.
He said it was regrettable that a life has already being lost due to the outbreak of the epidemic noting that it was not in government’s desire to have lives lost in such a manner.