Sata,Chikwanda have auctioned Zambia – HH

President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform
President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has charged that President Michael Sata and Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda have auctioned Zambia because of the failure to live within the country’s means.

Commenting on Parliament’s approval of the motion to increase government borrowing, Mr Hichilema wonders how Zambians can be proud of their country when PF politicians are busy selling the country through borrowing in order to finance a bloated cabinet.

Mr Hichilema alleges that that the PF government is cheating people that the money is going into roads and other infrastructure when they are the biggest beneficiaries of the borrowed money through corrupt tenders and deals.

He questions the existence of accountability and transparency at the Road Development Agency which handles the biggest chunk of the national budget, which he says is being run from State house by one board Chairman with no board members.

The UPND leader says the PF arrogance of numbers in parliament that saw the approval of the motion to allow them to recklessly borrow has the risk of consigning the country to another debt burden like the one inherited from UNIP government after the economy crumbled leading to regime change in 1991.

Mr Hchilema states that Zambia’s future generations should now brace for tough times and harsh economic measures ahead, similar to the ones the country went through when MMD took over power in 1991.

He says it is shocking that the country keeps going through the same economic mess, and wondered whether it will now be possible to get any debt relief or forgiveness in future.