Prostitutes flee ‘strict’ Solwezi

commercial sex workers
commercial sex workers
MOST of the commercial sex workers arrested last week in a police raid on lodges in Solwezi have fled the district for greener pastures elsewhere, the Times has learnt.

The 137 sex workers, who were rounded up in a police operation on Thursday and Friday night, were released from custody on Sunday and most them decided to pack their bags and relocate to some unknown destinations.
North-Western Province Police chief Eugene Sibote said in an interview yesterday that the majority of the sex workers who were arrested last week packed their bags and left the district soon after they were released.
Mr Sibote said the sex workers were released after paying admission of guilt fines following a screening exercise by the police.
“They were charged with idling and disorderly conduct and were released after paying K22 admission of guilt.
“And soon after being released, most of them straight away packed their bags and took off to other destinations,” Mr Sibote said.
He said the move had left Solwezi with a reduced number of sex workers and that police would, however, continue monitoring the situation.
“The number of sex workers has now reduced in Solwezi but we are still monitoring to check on new arrivals,” he said.

Times of Zambia