Kalumbila compensates 100 displaced families

Musele Nkisu Taskforce, Kalumbila
Musele Nkisu Taskforce, Kalumbila

KALUMBILA Minerals Limited (KML) says it has compensated and resettled 100 out of the 570 families that have been affected by the construction of its Sentinel Mine in North-Western Province.

KML resettlement and engagement manager Garth Lappeman said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that 100 more families would be resettled by December 31 this year.

“We have stepped up the resettlement and compensation process following the approval of the company’s resettlement action plan by ZEMA on 15 October 2013,” Mr Lappeman said.

“The affected communities stand to gain significant improvements across the suite of socio-economic dimensions, including but not limited to jobs, housing, health, education, water, sanitation and sustainable livelihoods.”

KML, a subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has set aside US$12.6 million for its resettlement and compensation programme at Kalumbila where the parent company has a new large-scale mining project.

The Trident Project consists of three potential mines, including Sentinel, Enterprise and Intrepid which is yet to be determined.

ZEMA approved the KML’s controversial Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) on October 15, 2013 following concerns by some stakeholders on the displacement and compensation of the people.

Sentinel Mine, scheduled to be operational by the second quarter of 2014, is expected to produce 300,000mtpa of copper while its construction phase would employ 3,200 Zambians.


  1. The photograph in this picture is of Mr David van Wyk of the Bench Marks Foundation and he has nothing to do with the administration of First Quantum Minerals and its relocation of the community. This is grossly irresponsible media coverage.