Launch of Zambian national airline will boost tourism

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Zambian national airline

The re-establishment of the Zambian national airline will greatly contribute to the growth of the tourism sector in the country, a Kitwe-based entrepreneur has said.

Eagle Adventures and Tours managing director Crawford Mbulo said in Lusaka yesterday that the planned launch of national airline next year would support the tourism growth in Zambia and boost the industry in the region.

Mr Mbulo said the re-establishment of the national airline would further increase trade around the region in terms of imports and exports.

He said currently, it had been difficult for stakeholders in the industry to come up with complete packages which include air transport, hotel accommodation, game viewing and other land activities due to the lack of a national carrier.

Mr Mbulo said the tourism industry had been growing steadily, but that the challenge had been the lack of the national carrier.
Transport, Communications, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga, told Parliament on Tuesday that the government would re-establish the national carrier next year.