Govt seeks new strategies for curbing diseases

Joseph Kasonde
Government says there is need for the country to develop new strategies of fighting HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.

Speaking at the Global Fund new funding model media breakfast in Lusaka today, Health Minister Joseph Kasonde says as the country aims to have an HIV/AIDS free generation, the country should change the approach in dealing with HIV/AIDS stating that this is why government has increased the allocation to HIV/AIDS from 10% last year to 20% in the 2014 national budget.

Dr. Kasonde says government has also decided not only to be recipients of funds for the elimination of HIV/AIDS but will also participate in the contribution to the funds for HIV/AIDS programs.

He adds that the country also wants to build on experience in the long term care and treatment of chronic illnesses and find appropriate ways to finance sustainably the management of HIV/AIDS.

He further states that the Global Fund has made a difference in the control of HIV/AIDS and has further thanked them for the works in helping eliminate the pandemic.

And Churches Health Association of Zambia Executive Director Karen Sichinga says they are excited to implement the new funding model which is coming with a lot of benefits.

Ms. Sichinga states that the new funding model will help scale up intervention in fighting Malaria, T.B and HIV/AIDS.

She adds that the new model of funding has greater predictability and will reduce the grant negotiation as compared to the old model where it took time before they could access the funds.

The global fund new funding model is designed to reach more people by making more effective grants unlike the rounds based system which relied on a once a year window to submit proposals with only fifty percent chances of success.