High Commissioner in Lusaka

SHOULD BRITISH SCHOOLS SET UP BRANCHES IN ZAMBIA? The High Commissioner writes: The best British schools offer an outstanding education to their pupils. Not only do they help their pupils get excellent exam results, but they also teach them to think and to construct an argument. They foster initiative and teach leadership. They encourage their pupils always to strive to do their best. The nurture social skills and self-confidence. These are all attributes that help pupils to thrive in the adult world.

Some of the top British schools have opened campuses elsewhere in the world, mainly in SE Asia. Should they be thinking of doing so in Zambia?




  1. Very much welcome, competition is good… you have to buy a form to apply for a place at every Zambian college or university where you are not even picked[robbing our young brothers and sisters daylight] but when it come to British schools you are picked because you deserve to be there and according to what you want to do. for instance we cry out that there is a shortage of nurses but how many apply for nursing and how many schools do we have. I totally agree, its not a question of independence but a question of improving the literacy levels and education standards

  2. I guess this will help boost our Zambian Education System. Competition is good. All people need good services. Maybe our education system will improve and be up lifted once the British Education System is set up in Zambia. Let them go ahead and set up their school. People have the freedom to choose.

  3. Please we need them to day not tomorrow , I am ready to take my son at these schools

  4. Why not? especially now that we are wiser.Its not like they are colonising us again but we need the education,we need all the help we can get and believe me you we are nowhere close.why not if they would suppliment on goverment efforts to educate us all?You are on facebook right now because somebody cared for you and believe me not all are priveledged like yourselves.Why not if these schools would be taken to places where there non and where our brothers and sisters need this,wouldnt it be a plus not to walk long distances to access an education,a situation our relatives now think is normal?Yes we may be able to do it ourselves but with what money,and how long do you think this would take us because if we are to develop we need an education like yesturday…please help me understand why not as i stand to be corrected

  5. WHY? 50yrs after independence!? I been advised to convert my grade 12 results frm Cambridge 2 Zambridge everytime i apply for a job in da PF govt.U know why? We still colonised hard.Worse is that we mentally colonised.Mu filika ni ngwele hard,oways gonna be slaves!

  6. Zambia wen ar we going to perfect our own. mining, tourism, commerc & trade neary al th sectaz ar dominated by wyts and now education bushe nikwisa tulelola

  7. I almost typed agreeing to the link…but after seeing wise comments from fellow Zambians, I must say am touched and greatly humbled with such wise thoughts…

  8. I dnt tink it iz wrte to do, surly cn we Zambianz set up branchez in da UK, da ansa iz a big no. If our edctn stndardz r gng dwn dy shd jst patner with our skulz. Ati UK atase, hve wrkd wit diz guyz, dy r selfish unlike da Americanz

  9. Lets face it francis, we dont seem to want to do a good job ourselves any more with our school system. It isnt about colonialisation but about who can give the best regardless of where they come from.

  10. I think the Britons should help zambia,look pipo our Education stardand is going down&those charged with the responsibility of Education in Zambia are not helping matters but only put effort on salary ensures.

  11. y nt-jus coz the set up skuz here doesn’t mean ul b forced 2 go thr o tk ur kids thr;thoz tht want 2 wil!

  12. Wa dan wit harch system n aquirin thnks ba britain go colonis sumwer els nt pa zed

  13. Firstly the Britons have had enslaved us for too long. Why then should they come again to set branches here in Zambia. We are 49 years old independent from our colonial masters. We that ideal is demean our education system by exploiting us that we poor standardized education ,leave us alone we a developing nation thank you for your financial support you rendered . Do not come in the name of education yet you have hidden angeda. Let our resources the way they are . That counter – colonialism will not work. Thank you .

  14. That is counter-colonialism. Zambia must begin to develop all its sectors on its own. School education is a combination of academics and cultural values. Whose culture will pupils learn? Zambian or British. We have already imported the idea and now it is our duty to develop and restructure the education system. Distribute all educational materials to all equally and make sure that demographic location does not become a hindrance. Regularly review the curriculum and always make sure that it achieves its objectives within the planned period. Put the knowledge acquired to practice by providing quality and challenging jobs as opposed to the current situation where most people working in public service hang jackets on their sits and spend the whole day out running personal errands at the expense of the innocent citizens.

  15. unless zambian schools are allowed to set up same facilities in shud be mutual.