Only one person died in PF cadre violence – Police spokesperson

PF cadres
PF cadres
The Zambia Police has maintained that only one person died in last week Thursday’s violence involving two rival groups of Patriotic Front (PF) youths.

Police spokesperson Charity Muganga Chanda has told Qfm in a telephone interview that as far as the police is concerned only one person died contrary to some media reports suggesting that four people may have died in the PF violence.

She says this is the only murder case Police are currently investigating.

Ms. Chanda has also dismissed accusations that the Police are downplaying the extent of the violence to cover-up an imminent possible civil strife in the ruling party.

She says all the information that the Police have been giving to the public on the incidents of violence among suspected PF cadres is as it is on the ground.

And Ms. Chanda has denied accusations that the Police are siding with one group of the two PF factions involved in the violence.


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