Directive to print only 10 copies of draft constitution disappoints Vernon Mwaanga

Vernon Mwaanga ( R)
Vernon Mwaanga ( R)
Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga is disappointment with the directive by the Ministry of Justice for the Technical Committee to print only 10 copies of the final draft constitution.

Mr. Mwaanga has wondered why such a directive could have been made when the Technical Committee’s terms of reference are that the final draft constitution should be distributed to the nation and the President simultaneously.

Mr. Mwaanga observes that the directive to print only 10 copies of the final draft constitution is ill-conceived and ill-advised.

He notes that the directive is now raising a lot of suspicious on what true intentions of government on the current constitutional making process are.

Mr. Mwaanga notes that the PF government must know that the draft constitution is not a document for the government alone but for the people of Zambia.

He says government should rescind what he has termed as a retrogressive directive and allow the Technical Committee to print the exact number of the draft constitution copies it intended to distribute.

Mr. Mwaanga has told QFM that allowing the printing of more copies for distribution to Zambians is the only way Zambians will ultimately be the owners of the new constitution.