Sata Style, Mugabe threatens to halt export of raw platinum to South Africa

Mugabe 89 vows to 'step down' if he loses
Mugabe 89 vows to 'step down' if he loses
ZIMBABWE President Robert Mugabe has threatened to halt export of raw platinum to South Africa unless producers set up a refining plant in the country.

Mr Mugabe’s threat comes barely a fortnight after his Zambian counterpart President Michael Sata revoked Statutory Instrument (SI) 89 which permitted mines in Zambia to export copper in concentrated form.
According to online publication, Bloomberg published on Sunday, Mr Mugabe asked Zimbabweans to ‘close their doors immediately and say no’ to the exportation of raw platinum to neighbouring South Africa.
“Let us close our doors immediately and say no raw platinum will go to South Africa,” Mr Mugabe was quoted as saying to members of his ruling ZANU PF party during an address in the capital Harare.
The Zimbabwean leader is reported to have warned miners to build a refinery prior to winning elections advising that they should not blame his government when it took any action.
“Zimbabwe had given mining firms two years to arrange and build a refinery. If they have not started, after that warning, building a refinery, then when the time comes for us to demand that all refining has to be done here, they should not blame us,” former Mines minister Obert Mpofu said.
Zimbabwe has three platinum mines, though all refining of its metal is done in South Africa.
The Zambian Government revoked SI Number 89 of 2013 which suspended export duty on unprocessed copper and other minerals.
President Sata cited serious irregularities in the manner the SI was issued and reprimanded senior Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) officials for misleading his Government into signing the new law.