PF is promoting criminality – Rev Matale

Reverend Suzanne Matale
Reverend Suzanne Matale
Council of Churches in Zambia General Secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale says the church has every reason to believe that the Patriotic Front government is promoting criminality in the nation by watching in silence as rival party cadres hack and kill each other.

Reverend Matale in a statement obtained by QFM News says CCZ is concerned and alarmed at the violence by PF cadres which left one person dead and several other injured last week.

She says the situation has instilled fear and alarm among citizens.

Reverend Matale says it is totally unacceptable for people to continue dying as a result of political violence under the PF rule with recorded incidents of such violence resulting in death during recently held by-elections.

The CCZ General Secretary has since appealed to President Michael Sata to use his authority to address the matter of leadership wrangles with seriousness, urgency and impartiality to bring the lawlessness in the PF to an end before the country becomes ungovernable.

She adds that the violence that has rocked the country is a spillover effect of unresolved leadership disputes in the PF which is the root cause and needs to be addressed firmly by the leader of the party.

Reverend Matale says CCZ is concerned that if the situation is left unchecked, the country is at risk of allowing machete wielding criminals take over as the intra-party violence has already instilled fear and caused alarm peace loving Zambians who have suffered in silence, without any assurance from government that their lives are not in danger.