30 pupils from Choma secondary school fall pregnant in one term.

A Secondary School in Sesheke
The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) has expressed sadness and shock at reports that about thirty pupils from Choma Secondary School in Southern Province fell pregnant in one term.

Women’s Lobby Chairperson, Beauty Katebe Phiri has told QFM News that parents, teachers and government should be blamed for allowing such a situation to happen within a term.

Ms Phiri says such a thing has never happened where such a huge number of girls fall pregnant in one term which shows that there is need for government to come up with measures that will protect girls in schools.

She says the re-entry policy alone is not enough to protect girls from falling pregnant but government needs to investigate as to what is causing girls to be involved in unprotected sex in schools.

Ms Phiri says this is a big issue which needs serious attention so that it does not repeat itself in the nearby future as it may affect the future of school going girl children.