Machete wielding PF cadres invade Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminus

PF Cadres Boostele 2013 during Youth Day

PF cadres halt business at Lusaka’s intercity bus terminus

Business around Lusaka’s Intercity City Bus Terminus came to a standstill this afternoon with shop keepers forced to close their shops as machete wielding Patriotic Front (PF) cadres invaded the bus terminus.

The PF cadres who are believed to have come from Chibolya and Kanyama compounds wanted to take over the operations at Inter City Bus Terminus.

A QFM News crew that rushed to bus terminus found calm had been restored with some shop keepers opening their shops while other remained closed.

The cadres has earlier on invaded City Market in an attempt to take over the bus station sending people scampering in all directions for safety.

Police in full riot gear managed to control the cadres who then headed to intercity bus terminus.

Last week’s clashes between the rival camps claimed one life leaving several others nursing machete wounds.


  1. Has the POLICE really failed to deal with these carders? Do we need the Army to come and stop the no sense? I do not really find justification as to why the LAW enforcing agents are letting this go on….i can for see more people dying.

  2. Is it happening ryt now???I was at intercity an hour ago and it was business as usual.