Using Media as platform to resolve KCM lay offs is unfortunate

The Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) has described as unfortunate government and Konkola Copper Mines’ decision to use the media to resolve the issue of the earmarked laying off of over 1500 workers at the mine.

Early this week in a statement released to the media President Michael Sata had threatened to revoke KCM’s mining license if even just a one worker was laid off to which threats KCM Chief Executive Officer Kishore Kumar has also been quoted in the media to have described such threats as mere rhetoric.

PSDA chairperson Yusuf Dodia says the announced issue by KCM to lay off over 1500 workers should have been discussed on a roundtable by both parties as opposed to using the media.

Mr. Dodia says by using the media to resolve such an issue the country is in fact being advertised to the outside world that Zambia has challenges in supporting foreign investments.

Mr. Dodia notes that in terms of the country’s attractiveness to be invested in, such kind of exposure will harm the quality and quantity of investments coming in to Zambia.

Mr. Dodia has advised that the moving forward government and KCM should deal with the issue of the earmarked laying off of over 1500 workers in a professional and development manner by arranging a roundtable meeting and come up with solutions.

The PSDA chairperson was speaking to Qfm in an interview.