Weekend arrest introduced by RTSA here to stay-Government

Yamfwa Mukanga
Yamfwa Mukanga
Government says the Fast track court introduced by the Road Transport and Safety Agency for drunk drivers is here to stay.

Transport, Communication, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has told Qfm-News has since urged RASTA to continue conducting patrols in order to restore sanity on the roads.

Mr. Mukanga has also advised motorists to follow the provisions of the high way code.

He says RATSA are mandated by the Law to carry out random checks on motor vehicles in collaboration with Traffic Police Officers.

Mr. Mukanga says it therefore imperative that motorists observe road traffic rules to avoid weekend imprisonment.



  1. Nice move by this organisation but which one are you talking about? Try to use full names before you resort to acronyms. Your title says RATSA. The country is aware of RTSA, and still in your text you talk of RASTA. Kindly be careful with your typing. These are not sms’s to a friend!