Judiciary under the spot light – Nalumango

Mutale Nalumango
Former Deputy Speaker of the national assembly Mutale Nalumango has observed that the Judiciary has been put under the spot light hence being questioned by the citizenry.

Ms Nalumango explains that the judiciary is one institution that should be free from interference from both the legislature and the executive.

She notes that it is unfortunate that currently the judiciary is not inspiring as witnessed by complaints raised by the citizenry.

She says the perception by Zambians about the judiciary is that there is political interference even when judgments are fair.

Ms. Nalumango who is also Former Kaputa Member of Parliament notes that the perception can be stronger than the truth which is dangerous hence the need to get rid of it in the minds of the people.

She has since called on President Michael Sata to help restore the confidence of the people in the judiciary.