Unions ready to take on adamant Govt over wage freeze

Mr Masupha, right, with Republican Rupiah Banda, left, and ZCTU President Leonard Hikaumba.jpg
The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has maintained that the wage freeze as prescribed in the 2014 national budget is illegal and an indication of dictatorship on the part of the PF government.

ZCTU president Leonard Hikaumba says this is because government did not consult the Unions in the public sector before going ahead with the wage freeze especially that there are Laws that govern collective bargaining for such decisions.

Mr. Hikaumba has maintained that the Union will not allow any pronouncements that are going to undermine the process of collective bargaining as government has done to free wages in the civil service.

And Mr. Hikaumba has wondered what will be the use of the bargains which the Unions and government have agreed to commence in a meeting held on Monday this week if government insists that the 2 years wage and employment freeze still stands.

Mr. Hikaumba says government should to desist from making pronouncements that will insight workers to take an industrial action.

Meanwhile Mr. Hikaumba has observed no employer whether government or private sector have the right to dictate the terms and conditions of service as they should be arrived at through the process of collective bargaining.

Mr. Hikaumba has charged that if government insists with wage freeze the Union will take appropriate action to ensure that the process of collective bargaining is not undermined.

Mr. Hikaumba has since called on the Union Members to get ready to take such action in defense of their rights.


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