Mix-up over new Christian Democratic Party

dan pule

CONFUSION is reigning over the newly-launched Christian Democratic Party (CDP) by Dunamis Christian Centre apostle Dan Pule with another clergyman claiming that Dr Pule ‘stole’ the name of a political party he wanted to launch last year.
On the other hand, National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba is disappointed with the Registrar of Societies for allowing Dr Pule to use a dove as a symbol for the new political party because a dove is his party’s symbol.
Dr Mumba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he has since written to Registrar of Societies Kakoma Kanganja to rectify the anomaly.
And Patrick Ng’andwe, a former Seventh Day Adventist Church pastor, said he would take the matter to the attention of the Registrar of Societies.
Pastor Ng’andwe said Dr Pule acknowledged having learnt about the replication of the party name from the media.
Pastor Ngandwe questioned the motive behind Dr Pule’s use of a name that he knew was being used by another political party.
“Reverend Pule acknowledged having known the name of my party as Christian Democratic Party when I called him yesterday [Thursday] to complain about his conduct,” he said.
Pastor Ng’andwe said, however, that as a Christian, he has decided to change the name of his party from CDP to Christian National Party to avoid further differences between him and Dr Pule.
But Dr Pule dismissed Pastor Ng’andwe’s allegations saying the clergyman seems not to know what he is doing.
Dr Pule said there was no way the Registrar of Societies could have gone ahead to register his party as CDP if he knew there was another political party with the same name.
“Is he telling me that the Registrar of Societies is incompetent because he is the one who registered my party?” Dr Pule said.
He said any serious-thinking Zambian can draw between lines that this is a mere act of trying to frustrate the CDP.
Dr Pule urged Zambians to rally behind his party as it has been registered by the Registrar of Societies.
On CDP’s symbol of a dove, which is also Dr Mumba’s party’s emblem, Dr Pule said it was an oversight on the part of the Registrar of Societies.
He said the Registrar of Societies phoned him to inform him about the anomaly and that this would be rectified when he returned from South Africa.
Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Suwali said the ministry would investigate Dr Mumba’s complaint.
“As a ministry, we take this complaint about the anomaly very seriously because in an event of an election, this can confuse voters,” Mr Suwali said.
Mr Suwali said if the Registrar of Societies confirms that there was an anomaly on the issue of the party symbol, the law prescribes that the political party which registered last should find an alternative symbol.


  1. difficult to comment kuti limbi ni ba annointed God says touch not my annointed kanshi nalalolesha !

  2. Theres no such thing as Christian Democratic party. Christ is nota politician so let not his name be used in such. God forbid!