Chipimo,Mulongoti react to Sata’s concerns over broadcasting licenses

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
National Restoration party president Elias Chipimo Junior says President Michael Sata’s concerns over the issuance of nationwide broadcasting licenses to private radio stations amount to denying citizens access to information.

Mr. Chipimo has told Qfm News that the decision by government comes at a time of great uncertainty within the country.

Mr. Chipimo explains that it is unfortunate that government is now failing to fulfill its promises to allow the majority Zambians have access to information by blocking radio stations from disseminating information to the people especially in rural areas.

He says government is failing to address the basic issues which are confronting the people of Zambia.

The NAREP leader stresses that denying the people access to critical information provided by the two radio stations will take the country backwards in achieving pure democracy.

Government had through the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) granted QFM, Radio Phoenix and Christian Voice nationwide coverage.

But President Sata today said the issuance of nationwide licenses to Radio Qfm and Radio Phoenix by the IBA may have been done without proper consultation.

Meanwhile People’s party president Mike Mulongoti says it is unfortunate that president Sata is insensitive to allowing the media to operate independently.

Mr. Mulongoti has since expressed shock that president Sata feels that once the privately owned radio stations are allowed to broadcast nationwide that might negatively dent the integrity of the country.