Registration under NGO ACT must stop to pave way for dialogue – YALI

Mundia Paul Hakoola Mundia Hakoola greets US President Barack Obama during the Presidents Forum with Young African Leaders in Washington 2010 Young African Leaders Initiative yali
The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has called for the suspension of the registration period in which NGOs are to register under the NGO ACT if dialogue on the legislation between government and the Civil Society is to be feasible.

Government has set November 11 this year as the deadline in which all NGOs operating in Zambia are to register under the NGO ACT.

YALI governance adviser Isaac Mwanza says in view of the decision by various NGOs in the country not to register it is important for government to suspend the registration period to pave way for dialogue.

Mr. Mwanza, whose organization has also maintained not to register under the NGO ACT in its current form, says it is not necessary for the government and the Civil Society to have friction on a matter that can be resolved through dialogue.

Mr. Mwanza has restated that in its current form the NGO ACT is oppressive and that NGOs in the country will not register under a legislation that will infringe on their free operations hence the need for government to heed to the calls for dialogue on the legislation before NGOs begin to register under it.

Mr. Mwanza says the country does not need a law that infringes on the people’s rights like the NGO ACT in its current form will do in the country.