Independence celebrations will lose meaning if land tenure is not protected-ZLA

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Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) has warned that independence celebrations may become meaningless as Zambia will eventually go back into foreign hands if we continue to live without a land policy and adequate laws that will protect land tenure for especially poor Zambians.

In a statement to Qfm, ZLA Acting Executive Director Nsama Chikolwa has reiterated the Alliance’s stance that land ownership in the country should be restricted to Zambians.

Mr. Chikolwa also says government should ensure that it carries out the land audit and later carry out a land redistribution exercise so that more and more Zambians especially the poor and marginalised, can have secured access to land.

Mr. Chikolwa notes that Land is a source of identity, and people who own land feel a sense of belonging and security for their livelihood.

He says ZLA will not stop advocating until the country has in place laws that promote equality of access to land as well as security of tenure.

And Mr. Chikolwa has pointed out that ZLA is not against investments, but stressed the need for government to ensure that investments, where by foreign or local investors, should never result in the displacement of citizens.

He adds that in cases where relocation is inevitable for the greater good of the nation; victims should be given adequate compensation and relocated to another place where they can continue with their way of life.

Mr. Chikolwa has also expressed hope that the constitution that is under development will include clauses that will protect people on their land while promoting development.