Ministry of Education will not nullify Grade 12 exams

The ministry of Education has said it will not nullify this year’s Grade 12 examinations and that the education system in Zambia is still sound.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Education Chishimba Nkosha said at a media briefing yesterday that reports of malpractices in this year’s examinations had decreased because of the stringent measures put in place to prevent students from cheating.
Mr Nkosha said Government had no intention of nullifying the examinations because the number of arrests and expulsions so far made indicated that most people who were involved in malpractices did not sit for their exams.
“There were also false leakages by people who wanted to exploit candidates, so there is no sufficient basis to nullify the exams,” Mr Nkosha said.
Meanwhile, Mr Nkosha said the excellent performance of Zambian graduates in different parts of the world was an indication that the Zambian education system was still sound.
He said there was no basis for discrediting the Examinations Council of Zambia because examination malpractices were not unique to Zambia but the world over.
And the Permanent Secretary is saddened by the slaying of a teacher in Nyimba and disclosed that other teachers had left the school after the attack.
He said it was regrettable that in this age, people could behave in a barbaric manner which has negatively affected learning at the school as the ministry had received a request that the school be closed.
A teacher at Mulilo Primary School identified as Lundu Mbulu was on Wednesday night allegedly stoned to death at Chinsimbwe Village in Chieftainess Mwape’s area after he allegedly advised a school girl to concentrate on her studies and not spend time with men.


  1. ministry of education(ECZ) z rotten no wonda kabimba says of coruption.Lets revert to cambridge exams plz to save the young generation 4rm bein poluted by so ECZ.