Dr Kaseba calls for change in strategy towards GBV

First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata says there is need for Zambia to find other means and initiatives aimed at curbing Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases.

Speaking during an anti Gender Based Violence breakfast meeting in Lusaka today, hosted by the Law Association of Zambia under the theme: ‘Men and Women united against GBV’, Dr. Kaseba says there is no doubt that the current methods of fighting GBV have failed to curb the vice because cases of such nature have continued to be on the increase.

Dr.Kaseba states that there is need for men who are mostly the perpetrators to get involved in the fight against GBV noting that it is through them that the vice can be curbed.

She laments that very few men are involved in the fight leaving the burden to women and some NGOs.

Speaking at the same meeting, Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President, James Banda says the fight against GBV should start with lawyers hence the need for them to be fully involved.

Mr. Banda says LAZ believes that if they can work hand in hand with the Zambia Police and government, cases of GBV can be reduced.

Mr. Banda has pledged his full support together with that of the association in ensuring that perpetrators are tried in the courts of law so that justice prevails.

Speaking earlier, HIV and AIDS Activist, Dr. Manasseh Phiri, says it is worrying that the numbers of girls being sexually abused continue to be on the rise despite many programs that have been put in place to curb the vice.

Dr. Phiri says victims should not keep quiet each time they are sexually abused but report such cases to the police.

He says there is also need for the police not to take lightly such cases whenever the victims report them but ensure that perpetrators are taken to court.