Yamfwa explains the 10% salary increment for Sata

Yamfwa Mukanga
Yamfwa Mukanga
Government Chief Whip Yamfwa Mukanga has described as embarrassing the debate on the 10 percent increase in the salaries of the President, Ministers and Members of Parliament.

Mr Mukanga who is a Member of the Standing Orders Committee which approved the increments says the Patriotic Front PF is a reasonable government which operates in accordance with the Law.

Mr. Mukanga explains that the 10 percent salary increment is as a result of wide consultations made by the Standing Orders Committee.

He says Standing orders committee gave a ten percent increment across the board for all constitutional office holders.

Mr Mukanga says it is imperative for the citizenry to seek clarification whenever they are not clear about something instead of deceiving people by circulating lies.

He adds that it is not right for people to try and gain political mileage over such serious issues.

And Mr. Mukanga who is also works, supply, Communication and transport minister says United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema should desist from telling the Zambian people things which are not true.