Lubinda tells Kabimba not to use him as a scapegoat

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda
Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has described as unfortunate attempts by embattled PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to use him as an escape route out of his upheaval, by claiming that the former Foreign Affairs Minister received fair treatment during the period he was facing allegations of treachery and disloyalty to the party.

In a letter to Mr Kabimba dated 15th October, copied among other President Michael Sata and the PF National Chairperson obtained by QFM News, Mr Lubinda has also demanded a clear judgment or ruling from Mr Kabimba arising from what he referred to as a civilized way of hearing a colleague, and has also demanded to know what the evidence that was relied upon in arriving at the conclusion of the trial panel.

Mr Lubinda says he has to date not been communicated to officially by Mr Kabimba over his suspension from the PF and only learnt from the media reports quoting Mr Kabimba as saying his period of suspension from the party had elapsed and that he was at liberty to interact with party officials.

The Kabwata MP has since demanded that a clear sentence or sanction meted against him with all the terms and conditions of such sanction and a clear statement of the recourse that is available to him in the event that he is not satisfied with the ruling or sanction.

He says failure by Mr Kabimba to communicate to him on his suspension from the party has kept him in the dark on his status in the party, and that this in turn has made it difficult for him to participate in the activities of the party.

Mr Lubinda adds that Mr Kabimba has made it difficult for him to contribute to the enhancement of the party’s popularity and to defend it from both internal and external adversaries due to his failure to officially communicate to him his status in the party.

He ends his letter by stressing to Mr Kabimba that any further unqualified utterances from him or any of his associates in public and his continues denial of written settlement of the matter will force him to react in similar style.

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo was the only witness who appeared before the PF disciplinary committee to make submissions against Mr Lubinda.
She is said to have been passionately angry with Mr Lubinda during her submissions.



  1. Bo Lubinda my brother just stay quiet,this party is a tribal party its for Bembas,we all know Winter himself and Guy scott have comfirmed this fact,as for u my brother theres nothing for u,u are a wise man, just be on the background & js continue watching them(the tribalists) if you were Bemba you were not going to be suspended thats the fact.

  2. Mr. Lubinda we know you were unfairy treated but with due respect please stay away from the squabbles in the party. Time has vindicated you. Pls stay away and maintain your purity in PF.