Masebo admitted to UTH

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo

MaseboMINISTER of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).
Vice-President Guy Scott yesterday took time to visit Ms Masebo.
On her Facebook page, Ms Masebo said she was feeling unwell and asked for prayers from her friends.

She was admitted earlier in the week, has had some treatment and is in stable condition while she continues to receive care at UTH

Sylvia T. Masebo
October 15 ·
Not feeling to well, please don’t forget to put me in your prayers.
  • ——   Kabungo we will remember u in our prayers.. Get well soon honorable..
  • ——  We can but you need to be honest in what you are doing… Don’t just say this is for politics and this is for God
  • ——  Get well soon
  • ——

     it will be well with you….. remember to go to the gym after recovery! it will do your body well.



  1. Zambia has a lot of hard working and honest people as well as those who mean well, on the other side, we have those sceptics who will doubt or criticize anything you put in front of them. While we are all entitled to opinions, it is polite to be sensitive and contextual.

  2. Wishing her quick recovery, the success of the UNWTO should rest on her shoulders, while others may have done more than she did, but I feel she gave it her very best effort and time.