Lusambo questions Shamenda’s u-turn on minimum wage

MMD Die Hard youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo
MMD Die-Hard national youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo has questioned Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda’s apparent u-turn on the category of Shop workers entitled to the minimum wage which he announced last year.

Mr Shamenda yesterday stated that Shoprite workers who had gone on strike do not fall under the minimum wage category for shop workers as it was meant for vulnerable shop workers and not those employed by multinational chain stores.

But Mr Lusambo says the Minister should have categorized the minimum wage the time he announced the changes and avoid the awkward situation he has found himself today.

He has also called upon Mr Shamenda to find a lasting solution to the industrial unrest prevailing in the country.

And Mr Lusambo says the continued migration of African youths to Europe through Italy is a vote of no confidence in the leadership on the continent.

He says it very unfortunate that African leaders have failed to secure the future of the young people on the continent leading to their migration to Europe.

Mr Lusambo adds that the recent deaths of over 300 African Migrants should provoke African leaders to find lasting solutions to the challenges facing the youth on the continent.

He wonders why Africans should continue suffering when the continent is considered to be the richest continents with plenty of natural resources.