2014 National Budget ‘hollow’ – UPND

Oct 7th 2013 UPND peaceful Mandevu public rally.jpg
The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has described the 42.68 billion kwacha 2014 national budget as being hollow.

The UPND is of the view that the 2014 national budget has departed from the key things that the Patriotic Front (PF) government had promised to do for the people in the country.

UPND Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has recalled that the ruling PF had promised that once it got into power it would create jobs and put money in people’s pockets but that the 2014 budget national has does the exact opposite.

Mr. Simusamba has observed that in the 2014 national budget, the PF government intends to freeze employment in the civil service for period of one year and there is also going to be a freeze on wages for a period of two years.

Mr. Simusamba says with these two measures, it implies that there won’t be any jobs in the civil service and there won’t be money in people’s pockets.

Mr. Simusamba further notes that such a situation is sad day for Zambia as the country is now being taken backwards.

The UPND Deputy Secretary General was speaking in an interview with Qfm.