Sata disowns Chikwelete, denying appointing him as PF district chairman

President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform
President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform
President Michael Sata has disowned Robert Chikwelete by denying appointing him as Patriotic Front [PF] Lusaka district chairman.

The Head of State has since challenged Mr. Chikwelete to show proof of the letter of appointment.

President Sata says Mr Chikwelete should tell the party which party organ elected him, when and where the election took place.

President Sata has also directed the provincial committee to call for a district conference where a new Lusaka district chairman will be elected.

This is according to a statement issued to QFM News by George Chellah, the president’s special assistant for press and public relations.

Last week, PF Lusaka province Chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe announced the suspension of Mr Chikwelete for masquerading as PF Lusaka district Chairman.

But Mr Chikwelete vowed to ignore Mr Chumbwe’s suspension insisting he was appointed by President Sata as district Chairman.

Meanwhile, Open Society Foundation has commended President Michael Sata for directing the Provincial Committee of the Patriotic Front (PF) to call for a District Conference where a new District Chairman will be elected.

Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda notes that the decision by President Sata provides for a win-win situation for both camps.

Mr Chanda says his organisation is of the view that President Sata has not favoured any party to the issue against the other.

He it is their belief that President Sata has not produced any victors and vanquished but has provided an opportunity for PF to get together and resolve a District leadership question by electing a legitimate District Chairperson.

MR Chanda has since urged the PF leadership to ensure that a legitimate leader is elected to re-organize the Party.

He states that this is an opportunity which structures in the District must celebrate as a rallying point for unity of purpose.

He adds that it will also be in the interest of intraparty-democracy that the suspension of former Lusaka Mayor Robert Chikwelete is quashed if the outcome from the District Conference is to unite rather than divide the party in the district.

Mr Chanda says this is an opportunity the Provincial and District structures must not squander with unproductive political gimmicks.


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