President Sata’s speech on PF endorsements and divisions


IT IS expected that in a dynamic party like the Patriotic Front (PF), stakeholders will express various views and take positions.  It is, however, desirable that members use established channels to express their views.  All the time there is a compelling need to avoid confrontations, refrain from polarizing the PF and in the process impairing unity and fellowship, which are the foundation of our revolutionary party.
The public squabbles we have witnessed in the recent past must end and end immediately. I have publicly stated I am not desperate for endorsement and while I thank the rank and file for the expression of confidence and affection, I must ask all our most ardent supporters to desist from the temptations of endorsement campaigns which, well-intentioned as they are, have the effect of causing me discomfort. At the opportune time, I will indicate whether I accept the nomination or not.
Let me also warn those who have been establishing parallel structures aimed at promoting their peculiar agenda to stop confusing the party.  It is these machinations which are grounded in malice and dishonesty, that have stoked reactions from other members who feel such actions have potential to weaken the cohesion of the party.
From now on, I want loyalists, especially those who serve in my administration, to concentrate on the development agenda.  It is the widening and deepening of the areas of development directed towards poverty eradication that will induce the people of Zambia to renew our mandate in 2016.
The people of Zambia are becoming increasingly aware and will not be taken for a ride by anyone let alone the opposition parties that only have an agenda of deception and hatred.
As I have consistently pointed out, there are serious development programmes throughout the whole country.  These offer an unassailable platform for all of us in the ruling party.  Supervision and consolidation of these development programmes should leave the PF administration with no time for squabbles.