FORMER Patriotic Front official supports Kapata on Kabimba probe

Wynter Kabimba
A FORMER Patriotic Front (PF) official in Lusaka says Mandevu Member of Parliament (MP) Jean Kapata is right in calling for disciplinary action against PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba for allegedly forming parallel structures and bringing the name of the party into disrepute.

Wellington Musonda, who is former PF Lusaka District information and publicity secretary, accused Mr Kabimba of allegedly being behind the formation of parallel structures in the party to gain support to succeed President Michael Sata.

He said Mr Kabimba’s orchestrated structures had sparked confusion in the ruling party.

Mr Musonda supported calls to discipline Mr Kabimba over his alleged misconduct in the recent past.

He said Ms Kapata was right to voice concerns and call for action against Mr Kabimba.

“Honourable Jean Kapata is very right for her to demand that Wynter Kabimba be disciplined,” he said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday.

Ms Kapata, who is a member of the PF Central Committee, had so far written two letters demanding disciplinary action against Mr Kabimba.

Mr Musonda said the PF secretary general, who is the Justice minister, should face disciplinary action over allegations of forming parallel structures.

“Mr Kabimba is a Cabinet minister on oath who is supposed to keep his oath on all the issues. He is accusing his fellow ministers of being corrupt just because he is in problems with the majority party members,” he said.

He said Mr Kabimba was on record as having accused his fellow ministers and some members of the PF of being tribal because of differences on party matters.

Mr Musonda said Mr Kabimba also accused Defence Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba of plans to take over the presidency from President Sata.

He said the sentiments had caused tension in the party and that members were now fighting among one another.