Chief Chitimukulu, Sosala, feels insulted by Nkandu Luo

"chitimukulu " Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Newly crowned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, Henrey Kanyata Sosala has described as the worst type of insult in Bemba custom, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo’s assertions that he is a masquerader of a Chief.

In his lengthy lecture to the Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister on Bemba tradition and ascension to the Chitimukulu throne obtained by QFM News, Chief Chitmukulu says it is very clear that, Professor Luo Minister is by all means determined to secure his end by direct attack, to rush the field and win by any deceit.

The Traditional leader has also accused Professor Luo of attempting to revamp the collapsed Bemba traditional system by appointing PF cadre-chiefs from Ngoshe Mukote lineage, and accordingly, Chileshe Yulaya Mumba earmarked to be Chitimukulu and Grimson Mwila have been gazetted as Bemba Chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka without even the slightest courtesy of notifying the Bemba Royal Establishment.

He says the Minister, contemptuously and deliberately ignored Bashilubemba who form the electoral college.

Chief Chitimukulu ends by acknowledging that he is stepping on the landmine, stating that deducing from the foregoing,the Minister is more than ever determined to destroy him physically, morally, politically and spiritually.

He says he is the only great obstacle in the Minister’s recent constituted Bisa nationalism with the strategic evil plan of transferring the Bemba paramountcy to Chileshe Yulaya Mumba, a man of common stock and therefore reduce the Bemba tribe to nothingness.