‘White sand at Bangweulu remains idle, undeveloped’

Lake Bangweulu, Zambia
Lake Bangweulu, Zambia
GOVERNMENT has expressed concern that the white sand beach on the banks of Lake Bangweulu in Samfya in Luapula Province has remained idle and underdeveloped.

Samfya district commissioner Samuel Chitonge said in an interview from Samfya that the white sand beach is a scenic area which should be promoted and developed to attract tourists to Luapula Province.
“I am appealing to both local and foreign investors to seriously consider investing in Samfya and develop the beach, it is a big area which needs infrastructure development,” Mr Chitonge said.
He said the development of the beach will help to create jobs for local people and those from surrounding areas.
He said Samfya has good tourist attractions and called on investors to consider developing the beach.
“I am also urging my fellow Zambians to develop a tendency of visiting some tourist attractions around the country with their families during special days or holidays. There is need for our people to know their country, the young generation should be exposed to such tourism sites at an early stage of their lives,” Mr Chitonge said.
He added: “We are assuring investors that their businesses will be safe in Samfya and they are welcome to conduct their businesses in our area. They will never regret investing in Samfya.”
Mr Chitonge said Government is committed to developing Samfya and that all development projects in the area are on course.
“I would like to thank Government for its commitment to developing the district. Very soon the rehabilitation of township roads will start, a stretch of 40 kilometres of roads will soon be worked on,” Mr Chitonge said.
He said Government is determined to develop all parts of the country.
Mr Chitonge called on Samfya residents to continue supporting Government in its efforts to develop the area.