Zambia values British help – Chikwanda

Alexanda Chikwanda
ACTING President Alexander Chikwanda says Zambia appreciates Britain’s support to the education and agriculture sectors and youth development skills.

Mr Chikwanda, who is Minister of Finance said when Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, called on him in Lusaka today that Zambia appreciates the support Britain provides even at the height of challenges in its economy.
“Britain’s support to Zambia is very significant and at the moment, we have a four-year programme running. Even at the height of challenges in their economy, the UK government has never relented to support Zambia,” he said.
Mr Chikwanda said Britain’s support in education and agriculture is important to the country’s economic development.
He said education is an important element in enhancing the productive capacity of citizens.
Mr Chikwanda said support to the agriculture sector helps economic performance and reduces extreme poverty.
He said support to Zambia’s agriculture sector is critical since agriculture is the mainstay of the country’s economy.
Mr Chikwanda said Zambia’s challenge now is to turn youths into a useful asset and keep them away from vices.
“Your visit to try and push forward a youth programme has a lot of meaning and we are very grateful for the support in that critical area of our development,” Mr Chikwanda said.
He said Zambians should fully utilise British support because it comes from the “hard squeezed tax-payers” in Britain, who have sacrificed to help Zambians.
Mr Chikwanda said currently, the British are supporting a four-year programme for 100, 000 small-scale farmers to access agricultural inputs and advice.
He said about 45,000 women and over 210,000 children under five will benefit from using treated mosquito nets and prevention of malaria while 200,000 couples will access modern methods of contraception.
Mr Chikwanda said 4,000 vulnerable people will receive cash transfers and about three million people will have access to improved sanitation.
And Prince Edward said he is delighted that the two countries have continued to work together for a long time and that the support Britain is giving to Zambia is appreciated.
He said many Zambian youths are facing challenges similar to those of other young people across the globe, including unemployment and limited access to education.
“I note that there is an increasing focus on job creation here and providing young people with skills necessary for survival. I hope the programme which my father started nearly 40 years ago to help our people is standing the test of time,” Prince Edward said.