Kenneth Kaunda has advised politicians in the country against campaigning on tribal lines.

President Michael Sata & KK

FIRST Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has advised politicians in the country against campaigning on tribal lines.

He said in Lusaka yesterday that Zambia had come a long way in building a strong and united nation.

Dr Kaunda urged leaders to maintain peace and to avoid engaging in wrangles.

He said Zambia had people of different tribes and faiths, and could not develop if people were not living in harmony.

The former Head of State said this at his Kabulonga office when Zimbabwean ZANUF-PF members paid a courtesy call on him.

Acting President Alexander Chikwanda last week called for an immediate end to careless talk bordering on tribalism involving some senior Government officials.

Mr Chikwanda made the remarks in the wake of recent media reports attributed to embattled Patriotic Front secretary general Wynter Kabimba, who was quoted as having said there was a tribal clique in the ruling party pushing for his resignation.

Meanwhile, Dr Kaunda has pledged to support Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in fighting to regain Zimbabwe’s resources that were exploited by colonialists.

He said people should not condemn Mr Mugabe for doing what was right for the country as the resources belonged to the people of Zimbabwe.

He pledged to extend his help if needed by Mr Mugabe.

“The exchanging of views in teachings makes us see other countries’ struggles as our own, for you must love your neighbour as yourself,” he said.

ZANU-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo praised Dr Kaunda for the help he rendered to Zimbabwe during the struggle for independence and for attending Mr Mugabe’s inauguration ceremony.

He said Mr Mugabe was embarking on tough economic reforms based on mining, agriculture and infrastructure development.

“President Mugabe has emphasised the need to work hard as a country in order to achieve our objectives,” Mr Gumbo said.