Chief Macha defends PF government

Chief Macha
Chief Macha of the Tonga speaking people in Southern Province says it is too early for people to start criticizing the Patriotic Front (PF) government that they have failed to develop the nation.

Chief Macha has told QFM News in an interview that development takes time to yield results therefore it is not fair for people to start criticizing the PF in the first two years they have been in office.

The Traditional Leader adds that the two years the PF have been in power is not enough for them to deliver development, hence need to give them time to finish what they have started.

He furthermore adds that UNIP ruled for twenty seven years but that there was nothing notable that they did in terms of development,yet the PF has just been in office for two years which is not enough to meet all the people’s expectations.

Chief Macha has also called on fellow Chiefs in the country to desist from engaging in active politics