Black Friday campaigners granted public assembly request

Black Friday Protests
The Black Friday Campaigners and other consortia of Civil Society Organizations have commended the Zambia Police for granting their request to organize a peace peaceful public assembly to demand for the constitution this Friday 4th October, 2013.

Black Friday Campaign Interim Chairperson Macdonald Chipenzi in a statement issued to QFM says the assembly which will be held at the Freedom Statue is to express displeasure at the continued delay by the Technical Committee to release the final Draft Constitution to the President and Zambian people simultaneously.

Mr Chipenzi says the Technical Committee’s continued application of time-buying tactics on the constitutional making process despite assurances of completing the process in six months is most unfortunate and frustrating.

He says Zambians can longer continue to stand akimbo and leave the constitution making process at the mercy of the government or the Technical Committee.

He says it is time to stand up and demand for the completion of the constitution making process and save the country of the much needed financial resources.

Mr Chipenzi has since called upon all well-meaning Zambians, politicians, CSOs, students, media, bus drivers and marketeers, to converge en mass at the Freedom Statue on Friday clad in Black to express their displeasure publicly and offer solidarity to the calls to have an end to the constitution making process and the need to constitute a Referendum Commission and a referendum budget line in the 2014 Budget.