Fake prophets invade Choma

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FAKE prophets have invaded Mapanza area in Choma District in Southern Province where they are swindling locals out of their money and cattle as a form of payment after ‘healing’ prayers are conducted.

This has angered some people who stormed Times of Zambia offices in Choma at the weekend to register their complaints.
Jonathan Muchindu of Chief Mapanza’s area said in a walk-in interview that the ‘prophets’ had continued to visit the area and charge the locals after conducting purported healing prayers.
“We have seen a lot of prophets coming but what is surprising us is that some of them are charging sums of money and cattle when you are prayed for and their acts are usually associated with witchcraft,” he said.
Mr Muchindu said several people were furious about the behaviour of the ‘prophets’ who had continued to exploit the locals.
“The deliverances by some of these prophets are done in a suspicious manner and we wonder the credibility of their healing which they are conducting,” Mr Muchindu said.
He has since appealed to the Zambia Police Service to investigate the matter and apprehend culprits found swindling the local people out of their money.
Meanwhile, Mr Muchindu has called for proper management of trees by the Forest Department, saying scores of people in Mapanza were cutting trees indiscriminately without following the right procedure.
He said charcoal burning was an increasing threat to the trees and that the Forest Department should carry out patrols and deal with illegal charcoal traders.