PF cadres continue anti-Kabimba protests

PF Cadres Boostele photo (5)

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) cadres have continued to pile pressure  on their  party  Secretary General (SG) Wynter Kabimba to  step down as  demonstrations against the embattled  party  chief yesterday spreading to Kitwe.
Scores of party cadres, who were joined by a number of councillors and other party officials from various constituencies in Kitwe, joined in the demonstration.
The party cadres marched from City Square then on to Oxford Road  before  converging at the party’s district offices on Kantanta Street in Nkana East.
The slogan-chanting cadres, who carried with them placards denouncing Mr Kabimba, started the demonstration around 10:00 hours.
District party youth vice-chairperson Charles Kabwita, who spoke on behalf of others, said they had decided to join their colleagues in other parts of the country in calling for the resignation of Mr Kabimba because the SG had continued to show his arrogance.
Mr Kabwita, who is also Chimwemwe ward councillor, said party members in the district were not happy with Mr Kabimba’s arrogance and as such wanted him out of office immediately.
“If the President still wants him, then let the Head of State keep Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister and not secretary general because it is clear that he has failed in this position.
“We the youth in Kitwe and the entire  PF membership in the district don’t want Mr Kabimba because he has only achieved in dividing the party,” Mr Kabwita said.
Kitwe district vice youth secretary Mukuzo Kaboba said the  bickering in the party caused by Mr Kabimba, was unfortunate and should be quickly addressed.
Meanwhile, Open Society Foundation executive director Sunday Chanda has appealed to the media to exercise responsible journalism by avoiding temptations to fan tribal tension  in Zambia.
Mr Chanda said tribal politics and tribalism were poisonous for any society and  the media should not be in the forefront feeding it on unsuspecting readers as their daily bread.
He said this in a Press statement released in Lusaka yesterday.
He said politicians and some media houses should know that they were sowing seeds for potential genocide and Zambians should reject such careless talk.
He said  this  careless talk had the potential to fan untold tribal conflict in Zambia, a situation that should be avoided at all costs.
He said the challenges Mr Kabimba was facing could be best handled by the leadership of  the party and the least anyone could do was to beat tribal drums.