Wynter Kabimba saga in new twist


PEOPLE calling for the resignation of Wynter Kabimba as Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general have called for a consultative provincial meeting that shall seek an amicable way of resolving the matter as calls for him to resign raged on.
Mr Kabimba’s immediate reaction was to dig in the proverbial heels and state that those calling for his exit are wasting their time because he is not going anywhere.
He said the cadres and their alleged paymaster are wasting their time, prompting PF national youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili to state that that no one will hound Mr Kabimba out of the party except himself due to “arrogance” and perceived bad attitude towards other party members.
PF Lusaka district chairman Robert Chikwelete said at a press briefing yesterday that executives from Lusaka will hold a meeting to discuss Mr Kabimba’s fate and take resolutions to the central committee for action.
“Let me assure the city that protests that have been going on have come to an end. We are now organising a consultative meeting at provincial level where we are going to have all the districts in the province so that we can come together and discuss the differences that have rocked the party,” he said.
Mr Chikwelete added: “We are going to do it now in-house and all the resolutions will go to the central committee.”
And PF Shiwanga’ndu member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo said party members are seeking an amicable solution to the impasse.
Mr Kampyongo, who is also Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, told journalists in Lusaka yesterday that all PF members are eagerly waiting for a solution to Mr Kabimba’s matter.
“This is the matter for the senior leadership but we would like to see an amicable solution to this matter,” he said.
PF Kapiri Mposhi constituency secretary Francis Katongo said calls to hound Mr Kabimba out of office must be handled by the central committee in order to offer direction to the general membership and lower party structures.
And Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisenga appealed to the PF district leadership to control their members who want to take advantage of the confusion in the party to settle personal scores.
Mr Chisenga said people trying to settle personal scores using the confusion are not genuine PF members but “criminals and should be dealt with”.
The mayor threatened to suspend any councillors who will abscond council meetings citing confusion.
Deputy Lusaka mayor Mulenga Sata said PF members should not allow confusion to derail leaders from providing leadership and development to the people.