Nevers calls for Sata’s impeachment

Nevers Mumba
Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba has called for the impeachment of republican President Michael Sata for allegedly failing to govern the nation.

Dr. Nevers Mumba says President Sata has failed to govern the nation as evidenced from the shortages of essential drugs such as ARVs and BCG vaccines in health centres.

Dr. Mumba states that some PF members themselves have seen that they have failed to perform to the expectations of the Zambian people and are now openly declare that the ruling party is dead.

He adds that the PF was a bad experiment that the people of Zambia have made in the history of the country but that it is not too late to correct that mistake.

Dr Mumba adds that President Sata should emulate the former ruling party which gave him freedom to hold public rallies without interference which made him win the 2011 General elections.

Dr. Mumba explains that if the MMD never gave chance to Mr. Sata to hold public rallies freely, he would have never tasted the presidency.

He has since called on Members of Parliament to consider raising a motion in parliament to impeach the President for failing to perform his duties as a Republican President which he swore to perform.