Technical Committee u-turns on final draft constitution

Zambia draft Constitution
In an apparent U-turn,the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution has announced that the final draft constitution will be handed over simultaneously to the Republican President and general public.

Committee Spokesperson Ernest Mwansa in a statement issued to QFM News says the position of the Technical Committee has always been, and still remains that the final draft Constitution, the Constitution of Zambia Bill and the Committee’s Report will be handed over simultaneously to President Michael Sata and the general public.

Mr Mwansa says after the release of the final draft constitution, the general public will be free to scrutinize and comment on it but that they will not make submissions to the technical committee because its mandate would have ended at the handover ceremony.

He adds that the Technical Committee had intended to submit the final draft constitution to various stakeholders and to the people of Zambia at large to comment on the final draft Constitution and to thereafter consider those comments with a view to incorporating them in the final draft where necessary before submitting it to the President and the public at large.

Mr Mwansa however, says this could not be done because of the time constraints.