Guy Scott disowns anti-Kabimba PF cadres, refutes ‘one party system’ rumours

PF Cadres
Republican Vice president, Dr. Guy Scott has stated that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has not turned the country into a dictatorial state.

Speaking during the BBC Debate on Democracy in Zambia under the PF regime, Dr. Scott says the PF has no intentions of returning the country back to a one party system.

Dr. Scott argues that if the PF has turned the nation into dictatorship, people would not have been at peace as can be seen in other un-democratic countries.

Dr. Scott has further disowned PF cadres who have been protesting against PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba stating that they are from the former ruling party, MMD.

Speaking during the same debate, Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Executive Director, MacDonald Chipenzi, said the country’s democracy under the PF is under threat.

Mr. Chipenzi adds that the PF government has failed to address the fundamental laws that will promote democracy in the country such as Freedom of Information Bill, Access to Information Bill and the Freedom of Assembly Bill.

Mr. Chipenzi says government just watches when people’s rights are being abrogated by the PF cadres as well as the Zambia Police.

And Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President, Dr. Nevers Mumba says democracy in Zambia died the time the PF unseated the MMD from office in 2011.

Dr. Mumba, who was part of the audience, says the opposition in the country finds it difficult to carry out quality checks and balances on the current government for fear of being apprehended by the police.

He says the PF must apologize to the Zambian people for putting the country’s democracy under fire for the first two years they have been in the office.