President Sata urged to provide Serious policy direction

President Sata with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
A Public Policy Expert has noted the need for Republican President Michael Sata to provide serious policy direction as he opens the Third Session of the Eleventh National Assembly this Friday.

Dr Neo Simutanyi says there are so many issues that are not going well in the country hence the need for policy direction from the Head of State.

Dr. Simutanyi who is also Center for Policy Dialogue Executive Director notes that it is sad that the last policy statement by the President lacked policy issues.

He notes that it will be imperative for the President to help the citizenry understand whether the country is moving in the right direction.

Dr. Simutanyi adds that it is unfortunate that there is still no clear policy guideline on devolution of power it being one of the core policy priorities of the PF government.

And Institute for Finance & Economics Zambia President, Caleb Fundanga says the Head of State should address the issues of high unemployment levels in the country an issue he notes has raised a lot of debate.

Dr. Fundanga who is also Former bank of Zambia Governor is optimistic that President Sata will present a general policy statement on the creation of jobs and new investments.

And Zambians for Empowerment and Development president Fred Mutesa says opposition political parties want to hear how the Head of State is going to guide the nation in creating a level political playing field for all political parties.

Dr Mutesa observes that the administration of the public order Act has been contentious as it is tilted in the favour of the ruling party.