Sata to launch Pave Zambia 2,000

PRESIDENT Sata is today scheduled to launch Pave Zambia 2000, a project that is expected to create more than 20,000 jobs.

This is the second major project the President is launching following the Link Zambia 8,000, which has already taken off in most parts of the country.
The President’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah said in a statement yesterday that the township roads programme will be launched in Chawama.
He said Government, through the Road Development Agency, is embarking on the project to pave about 2,000 kilometres of urban roads using paving blocks technology.
Mr Chellah said Government has procured road construction equipment to be used in paving public roads and public places across the country.
Apart from creating employment, Mr Chellah said the use of pavers in road construction will develop skills in youths.
The benefits of the project, Mr Chellah said, go beyond the provision of roads and creation of emplyment as they will also cultivate a sense of pride and ownership among communities.
He said the project would be undertaken in all the provinces and is expected to create more than 20,000 jobs at an estimated cost of K1.6 billion.
“Apart from rehabilitating and realising a maintainable urban road network, Government’s main objective in this project is employment creation for the youth in line with the PF manifesto,” Mr Chellah said.
Government has embarked on a massive infrastructure development programme across the country, ranging from roads, schools to


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