Opposition is weak – Sata

Michael Sata

Republican President Michael Sata has observed that the opposition in the country is weak.
President Sata says this is the reason why PF Members of Parliament and Ministers are relaxed and are not telling the Zambian people the successes the PF has scored during its two years in power.
He says if the opposition in the country was as strong as the PF was during the MMD’s rule, PF MPs would have been more responsive and proactive in explaining to the people what the government has achieved so far in improving the welfare of the nation.
The Head of State expressed disappointment with Patriotic Front Members of Parliament and Ministers for failing to tell the nation the successes the PF government has recorded do far.
President Sata has wondered why, despite having the required mode of transport,communication tools and offices, PF MPs and Ministers have remained silent on the achievements of the Patriotic Front government.
The President was speaking this morning at State House when he sworn-in Mwansa Kapeya and Harry Kalaba as Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Lands Minister respectively.
Speaking after being sworn in, Mr. Kapeya told journalist that his primary goal will be to ensure the enactment of the Access to Information Bill into law and see to it that the establishment of provincial television stations is pursued to the conclusive end.
Mr. Kapeya, who however could not tell when the Access to Information Bill would be tabled in Parliament, has said the Bill is currently being polished by the Ministry of Justice.
And Mr. Kalaba says he will ensure that circular No. 1 of 1985 is adhered to as the basis for allocation of land during his tenure at the ministry of lands.
Mr. Kalaba has stated that the time for political cadres allocating land has come to an end saying as Minister in charge, he will ensure that sanity is restored in the allocation of land in the country.