Kabimba urges Africans to reject International Criminal Court (ICC)


(Post from Last week)

THE Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) says the International Criminal Court (ICC) was set up to humiliate African leaders.

CAPP president Wynter Kabimba says the ICC was not established in good faith.
Mr Kabimba who is also Zambia’s Minister of Justice and secretary general of the ruling Patriotic Front, says the time has come for African countries to reject the ICC and other Western influences meant to humiliate Africans.
He told journalists here that when the CAPP held a meeting in Lusaka last month, the ICC was discussed and members spoke against it.
Mr Kabimba said CAPP supports Kenya’s decision to pull out of the ICC.
“We support Kenya for pulling out of the ICC and urge other African countries to follow suit,” he said.
He said time has come now for African governments to take charge of their own affairs.   Zambia is party to the ICC.
Kenya pulled out of the ICC last week after its Parliament voted on the decision, becoming the first African country to do so.
The ICC was set up in 2002 and Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are facing trial at the Hague.
The United States of America, Israel and Sudan are not party to the ICC.