Draft Constitution under final editing

Zambia draft Constitution
WORK on the Draft Constitution has been finalised but the document is currently going through the final editing process, spokesperson of the Technical Committee on drafting the Zambian Constitution, Ernest Mwansa has said.

Mr Mwansa said in an interview at the weekend that those drafting the final document had finished compiling the final Draft Constitution and were currently making few adjustments to the document.
He said the draft persons had submitted the finalised document to the Committee to go through it.
Mr Mwansa said once the draft persons had made adjustments and the Committee had read through it, it would be given to the editors to do the final editing.
“Once the editors go through the final Draft Constitution, the document will then be submitted to President Michael Sata and the public for scrutiny,” he said.
Mr Mwansa, however, did not indicate when the document would be handed over to the President and the public, but stated that the public would be informed once all the work had been completed.
The Government, through the Minister of Justice, recently gave the Technical Committee a one-month extension to complete the document from the initial July 31 deadline to August 31, 2013.
However, despite the extension, the Committee has not yet completed the task.